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Historically, geographically and economically, the Arab World and Europe are natural partners.

Today however, both regions are facing their own challenges. Be it political, economic or social, they are both being challenged through the definition of their identity and their position on the geo-political and global economic arenas.

For the past 35 years, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation has been a bridge between Europe and the Arab world, underlining the importance of a strong, interactive and mutually beneficial relationship between both parts of the world. In line with its tradition of promoting exchange and dialogue, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation is organising a conference titled: The Arab Future and the role of Europe.

Panel 1 – Understanding the political transition

What impact do the political transitions that have been taking place around the Arab world have within the region and on the Euro-Arab relationship and its future?

Speakers: Fawaz Gerges, Bichara KhaderHugues Mingarelli, Klaas de Vries
Moderator: Lyse Doucet

Panel 2 – Economic challenges, opportunities and employment

One of the main drivers for the uprisings in the Arab World has been economic disparity and youth unemployment. At the same time the region’s economies have grown exponentially in recent years, as has the economic relationship and (inter) dependency with Europe. This panel will address the opportunities and challenges that these realities bring to Euro –Arab economic cooperation.

Speakers: Joumana Al Jabri, Simon AndaryRabea AtayaSalim Rabbani, Bernard Wientjes
Moderator: Mouin Rabbani

Panel 3 – Society: education and social justice

The main reasons that took Arab youth to the streets include the desire for greater civil, social, economic and political justice. Through peaceful, innovative methods they have been highlighting their disapproval, and have created a whole new manner of achieving social justice through peace and debate. This panel will showcase these methods and debate Euro-Arab cooperation in education, employment and citizenship.

Speakers: Basma Al Husseiny, Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, Filippo Grandi,  Maryam Jamshidi
Moderator: Lyse Doucet

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