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IDFA and the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation are proud to announce the continuation of their partnership for the fifth consecutive year, supporting Arab filmmakers from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, Syria and Yemen during this year’s festival.

The ongoing partnership between IDFA and the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation aims to encourage an inclusive film industry that fosters mutual understanding. IDFA shares the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation’s commitment to finding common ground, common solutions, and common opportunities through cultural exchange. Both organizations believe that documentary film, through its ability to capture nuances and complexities, serves as an excellent medium to build cross-cultural bridges.

The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to building sustainable, inclusive societies in Europe and the Arab World through dialogue, education, and cultural exchange. As Mahmoud S. Rabbani, the Founder of the Foundation once said, “I am motivated by the belief that Arabs and Europeans still have much to learn from each other, and that once they have come to a genuine understanding, they will find that there is room in their mutual relationship for a much stronger and broader cooperation.”

This year’s partnership will include a special film screening in the Spring of 2023. More details to follow.

For more information, please contact:
Eva Bottinga, e-mail: (IDFA)
Marian Reijnen, e-mail: (Lutfia Rabbani Foundation)