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Promote Euro-Arab Dialogue

المنح الدراسية

The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation offers post-graduate students from the Arab world and Europe different types of scholarships.


In line with the dialogue and exchange legacy of founder Mahmoud Rabbani, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation has made it its core mission to develop a dynamic dialogue platform between Europe and the Arab World.


The Foundation cooperates with and supports a number of organizations in activities which are directly linked to the promotion of Euro-Arab dialogue and understanding.

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The Foundation is currently in the process of researching and developing ways to improve the impact assessment methods for our scholarships. This makes the role of the Alumni Network even more precious. Through the network, we are able to observe how effective our work is in providing scholars with opportunities during and after their education.

Let's facilitate the Euro-Arab dialogue!
!تعالوا نسهل الحوار الأوروبي العربي

By success I mean ensuring that all parties are treated equitably, and that none are left with the feeling that peace has been achieved at their expense. For such a peace is, in the end, no peace at all and only the spark for a further conflict.

Mahmoud S. Rabbani (Haifa, 2 May 1934 – Wassenaar, 30 May 2002)Founder - Lutfia Rabbani Foundation

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