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Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum

The Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum is an initiative by the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation to organise Euro-Arab Dialogue Conferences with a focus on common challenges and opportunities between Europe and the MENA region.

After organising its first lecture on Euro-Arab Dialogue in 1985, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation continued to strive to provide a forum for cultural exchange in the broadest sense. Since its creation, the Foundation has organised a number of Euro-Arab Dialogue Forums in which prominent speakers have expressed their views on various aspects of Euro-Arab relations with topics ranging from socio-cultural issues facing both regions, climate and sustainability, to peace building.

Prior to 1993, the Foundation had organised five Euro-Arab Dialogue Forums with the topics: ‘The Mediterranean: aspects of Euro-Arab relations’, ‘Who is speaking to whom in the Euro-Arab Dialogue’, ‘Motives, Issues and Obstacles in a Dialogue’, and in 1993 ‘Water and Environment: Perspectives on Cooperation between Europe and the Arab World’.

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Arab Future and the Role of Europe

Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum 2014

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‘Entrepreneurship: A Euro-Arab Solution?’

Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum 2015

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