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LRF Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does it take for the Foundation to announce its decision regarding the chosen scholarship candidates? 

The Foundation begins to evaluate all scholarship applications after the deadline. Thus it will announce its decision by latest early May.  

2. Can I submit my application with a conditional acceptance letter from my Host university? 

Yes, a conditional acceptance letter is sufficient. Kindly explain in your motivation letter the circumstances under which it is conditional.  

3. Are applications open for students who will study at a university outside of the Netherlands? 

No, the LRF grants scholarships only to students who will pursue their graduate studies at a university in the Netherlands.  

4. Can my referees send their reference letter directly to your email if they wish? 

They may, as long as you inform us beforehand that your reference letter(s) will be sent directly to 

5. I have submitted my application via the online submission portal and have not received an email confirmation. What should I do? 

First, please check your SPAM BOX as oftentimes the email is automatically sent there. If you still have not received, send an email to asking for confirmation.  

6. Can the scholarship be extended to cover my Master’s/PhD which is longer than one academic year? 

Unfortunately, the scholarship only covers on academic year. You are always free to reapply the year after, yet kindly note that because our pool of applicants changes every year, being granted the scholarship in the first year does not guarantee that you will receive it in the consecutive years. 

7. What does the scholarship amount cover? 

The applicant can choose to have the scholarship amount cover his/her tuition, in which case we pay this directly to the University, or else his/her living expenses, in which case you are generally paid over four equal instalments in September, December, March and June. There is of course room to be flexible where a combination of tuition and instalments can be paid.  

8. Can I still apply for your scholarship if I have not yet graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, but expect to do so at the end of this academic year? 

If you will be graduating at the end of the current academic year you may still apply for our scholarship. Instead of your Bachelor’s degree kindly provide an official document from your university stating that you will be graduating this year, together with all your academic transcripts. 

9. What should my motivation letter include? 

There are no specific guidelines for the motivation letter – what is important to mention is why you would like to receive the scholarship, the skills and qualities you possess that would make you a suitable candidate, how you envision this scholarship contributing to your future academic endeavours, as well as the contribution it will have on the LRF’s goal of promoting Euro-Arab dialogue. 

Moreover, there is no limit on the word count.  

10. My Host university doesn’t send the acceptance letter in PDF format, but via a written email. What should I do? 

If they are unable to send you an official PDF document, attaching a copy of the acceptance email is sufficient.  

11. I have an acceptance letter from Leiden University. Can I apply for both MSR and the LUF-LRF Scholarship? 

An acceptance letter from Leiden University will automatically make you eligible for the LUF-LRF Scholarship. Unfortunately, you cannot also apply for the MSR Scholarship. Because the LUF-LRF Scholarship is dedicated entirely to applicants of Leiden University, the MSR Scholarship gives a chance to students applying to other universities across the Netherlands.  

12. With regards to the course description, does the online university brochure suffice? 

Indeed it does, as long as it can be submitted in PDF format.  

13. I have been accepted for a master’s programme to two universities in the Netherlands. Can I apply with both, or must I choose one? 

In this case you may upload both acceptance letters to your single application, and then let us know of your choice later on.  

14. Am I eligible to apply for an LRF Scholarship if I have also applied for/received a scholarship from another source? 

Yes, our scholarship does not exclude applying for additional funding from other sources.  

15. Who are considered professional/academic referees? 

Examples of academic or professional referees include lecturers or supervisors from your current university, or colleagues from your workplace who know you well enough to be able to highlight your academic skills and personal qualities which make you fit to receive the scholarship.   

16. My Host university will probably not be able to provide a decision about my application before the LRF’s scholarship application deadline. Can I still submit my application and send my acceptance letter after the deadline? 

While the majority of Dutch universities provide admission results prior to our deadline, we understand that this issue may arise nonetheless. However, the application deadline of March 31st is a guideline fixed by the Selection Committee of our Board. A later date would not allow sufficient time for our scholars to apply for visas and make other necessary arrangements to travel to Netherlands.  

What we might suggest is that you send an email to your host universities informing them about your concerns, such that they might be able to evaluate and accept your application before our scholarship deadline. 

17. Do I require a particular GPA to apply for your scholarship? 

You do not. While academic excellence is one of the criteria we use to assess your application, strong motivation, financial need and personal development are given equal importance.  

18. Do I need to submit an English proficiency test with my application? 

You do not. Because we ask you for an official acceptance letter from your Host university, we assume that your level of English is proficient enough to pursue your master’s/PhD programme.  

19. Which universities in the Netherlands are suitable to apply for the MSR Scholarship? 

As long as the programme you have been admitted to is equivalent to a Master’s or a PhD, the Foundation is open to acceptance letters from any university in the Netherlands, be it at a WO research uuniversity, an HBO applied sciences university, or a music/arts/film academy. If you are unsure whether your acceptance letter applies, kindly send us an email for verification.