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Travel Grant

The travel grant is destined for students and/or professionals seeking professional contact and experience in the Arab World or the Netherlands in the areas of education, science and culture. The objective of the grant is to promote mutual understanding between the Netherlands and the Arab World.

Application requirements

Alumni Highlight!

 I climbed this famous mount Mousa with an Islamic Bedouin guide in the middle of the night. Underneath the dark sky and bright stars I arrived at the top of the mountain to see the magnificent sunrise over the mountain tops. A small chapel marked the top. While some Orthodox Russians started to pray and cry loudly, the Bedouin guides went to the Mosque next to the chapel. Two religions literally next to each other. On the way back I joined my Islamic guide Ahmed to his place, and we started to talk about his family and his children. This was the perfect example of the inclusive mindset of the people at this place, where they prove different religions can live in harmony with each other. Ahmed says: “My son is called Mousa”.

– Talis Bosma, Travel scholar 2022