Vreede scholarship for International Law

“At The Hague Academy in the Netherlands we were 340 students from more than 70 different countries and my experience there further increased my appreciation for living in an international environment and fostered my interest in international relations.”

– Mahmoud Abdou, Vreede scholar, Palestine, 2011

In recognition and honour of Mr. Pieter Vreede (1926 – 2008) who dedicated his working life as a judge and lawyer specializing in international law, an annual scholarship is available for law students interested in participating in short term training courses in international law. Mr. Vreede and his wife were staunch supporters of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and their support has made it possible to award this annual scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Target Group: graduated law students from the Arab World with a Masters or Ph.D degree in law who enroll in the summer programme at The Hague Academy of International Law, one of the best International Law institutions in the Netherlands. Students should apply directly to The Hague Academy of Law and follow the application process. The Academy will have discretion on whether or not to provide an acceptance.

Field of Study: Law (Masters or Ph.D level).

Finances: Please note that the scholarship is coordinated by The Hague Academy of International Law. Travel is reimbursed by the Foundation up to a maximum of 350,oo euros.

Terms and Conditions

  • Within a month time of completion of study, the student must submit a report of his/her experience to the Board of the Foundation. The Board of the Foundation reserves the right to edit the report for communication purposes.
  • Within a year of completion of study, the student will complete a questionnaire provided by the Foundation to evaluate the impact of the scholarship

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