Proud to announce our new partnership with IHE Delft!

By 16/03/2021Partnerships

What goes around truly comes around.

Our founder Mahmoud S. Rabbani was a Palestinian refugee who received a life-changing scholarship to study at the Technical University of Delft. Over 60 years later and 40 years after he founded the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation, we are proud to announce that LRF is partnering with the IHE Delft.

On Friday, March 12th,  the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education joined forces by signing an MOU officially establishing a longstanding cooperation and joint scholarship for exceptional students from the Arab World to study at the prestigious IHE Delft.

IHE’s Rector Eddy Moors along with Vice Rector Charlotte de Fraiture, Liaison Office Manager Gaetano Casale and IHE’s Business Development Officer Cristina Anacabe virtually met with representatives of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation including Chairman Salim Rabbani and Board member Yonet Schroder and Programmes Associate Marina Grama to formalise this exciting partnership.

Abeer Almomani, an LRF scholarship recipient and IHE PhD fellow, joined the meeting to stress the importance and benefit of this MOU. Beyond the excellent education and training in the field of water education, the MOU will contribute towards intercultural exchange and cooperation, a primary objective of both the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and the IHE. As promoting dialogue and understanding are core values, this MOU will support students to engage in two way exchange leading to further appreciation of each other’s cultures; which is key to building genuine understanding and dialogue. Moreover the MOU will include a mentoring programme that offers guidance on a personal and professional level while also providing access to a broad and extensive network.

About IHE 

The IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world and is based in Delft, the Netherlands. Since 1957, the Institute has conferred MSc degrees as well as PhD degrees in collaboration with other universities. It has trained more than 23,000 professionals from over 190 countries and has produced remarkable research with worldwide implications for the water sector. Through their work on capacity development, IHE Delft aims to make an active contribution to achieving all Sustainable Development Goals for which water is essential.

Both the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and the IHE recognise that international scholarships can be an effective and sustainable way of promoting dialogue and understanding. This belief has now led to the establishment of this MOU.

Any questions regarding the MOU, please feel free to contact