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“The Levant has always caught my imagination due to the intricate combination of its distinct and unique civilization on the one hand and the history and culture it shares with Europe on the other hand.”- Dr. Nora Stel, 2013 Travel Scholar from the Netherlands- Assistant Professor of Conflict Studies, Radboud University
“My time in Dubai was personally enriching. I had the time to discover the well-known as well as the hidden spaces of the city, meet many interesting people from across the world, and make unexpected friends.”- Dr. Esther Schoorel, 2015 Travel Scholar from the Netherlands- Lecturer of Political Science, Maastricht University
“I do believe that nothing is impossible. We just have to work hard, believe in our capabilities, think positively and enjoy the journey!”- Walaa Elrouby, 2014 MSR Scholar from Egypt-Global Employee Experience and Learning Manager, COFRA Holding AG
“On the personal level, living in the quietness of the Netherlands helped me revisit a lot of things in my life in Lebanon and to rediscover myself!”- Alaa Minawi, 2014 MSR Scholar from Palestine/Lebanon- Artist, Performative/Light Installations
“Both European and Arab nations have very rich history and culture, and as I have discovered, many things in common. This makes dialogue an important tool for cooperation, development and prosperity.”- Haya Omari, 2018 MSR Scholar from Palestine- Legal Associate, Kamal & Associates
“With Berber Express, I wanted to address the question of cultural authenticity, historical representation and Berber identity in Marrakech and the processes of colonization, globalization and commodification this identity has become entangled with.” – Dr. Norah Karrouche, 2014 Travel scholar from the Netherlands – Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Art and Culture, History, Antiquity, VU Amsterdam
“The way students are trained in the Netherlands, it’s about training you to think differently, to approach problems differently. And this is why I thought my mission in life is trying to bring this experience back to the region whether in Jordan, UAE, Palestine, Egypt, wherever I had done my work.” Dr. Amin Amin, 1996 MSR Scholar from Palestine – CEO, ASK Arabia
“My dream is to launch a musical program [in Palestine] that offers official degrees so the youth don’t have to leave to study abroad. I want them to have opportunities in their own country.” – Nai Barghouti, 2019 MSR Scholar from Palestine – Singer, flute player, composer.
“The year I obtained the MSR scholarship was a year of personal and professional growth. During that year, I did a research internship at the Centre for Human Drug Research; a fast-growing clinical research organization in Leiden.” – Mohammad Almezaien, 2019 MSR Scholar from Egypt – Neuroscientist
“I learned through my work that every person already as voice. Palestinian youth, children, men and women through their belief in knowledge, peace and justice are helping others learn to listen to our voice.” Dr. Kholoud Alajarma – 2013 Edward Said Week Travel Scholar from Palestine – Lecturer, Anthropology of Islam, Groningen University
“I always had the belief that International Law is the voice of peace and a bridge for communication amongst human beings. From my perspective, the Peace Palace had always been the gate to this magical world of law, justice, and peace.” – Hager Abdellatif, 2018 Vreede Scholar from Egypt – PhD Candidate, Department of Public International Law, Pharos University
“What motivates me and inspires me to continue to achieve and reach my full potential is my strong belief in people’s human rights and the fact that I am part of such an inspiring and restless community.” – Afef Abrougui, 2015 MSR Scholar from Tunisia – Lead Editor, Global Voices Advox
“My study at the Utrecht School of the Arts presented a golden opportunity for me to have real “field” experience with arts organizations, dealing with new parameters that differ considerably from what I am used to here at home.” – Sharaf Dar Zaid, 2011 MSR Scholar from Palestine – Dancer, Choreographer, Art Manager
“I made amazing friends from all around the world. Through our cultural differences, we were able to learn a lot from each other. I was able to present my country, that is usually unknown to foreigners, and in return I gained knowledge of different countries history and culture.” – Facal Rajab, 2019 MSR Scholar from Lebanon –
“Comedy turned out to be a great way to get to know Lebanon, its history and its people. With simple questions like: ‘Who’s your favourite comedian, and why?, ‘What do you feel can’t be joked about?, ‘Which jokes do you find offensive?’, people easily opened up. It showed society from an inside perspective.” – Janneke Rinzema, 2018 Travel Scholar from the Netherlands – Comedian, Performer
“My time in Beirut was deeply inspiring and educative. I was able to spend a lot of time to observe the city and talk with so many different people, which gave me a lot of insight in this extremely complex city. A city that is not to be explained through theory or books.” – Quita Schabracq, 2018 Travel Scholar from the Netherlands – Artist, Designer
“When standing on the escalators of Rabat’s main train station and watching the city slowly emerge in front of me, I realised that, for me as a traveller, the region of the language I have been learning was as new as it could be.” – Melle Monquil, 2017 Travel Scholar – Researcher, Paris Nanterre University

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The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation Alumni Network
Welcome to the Alumni Network of Lutfia Rabbani Foundation! This is an interconnected web containing our new and old alumni. When you become one of our scholars, you automatically gain access to fellow scholars, some of whom have been with us since the Foundation started offering scholarships in the 1980’s.

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Both European and Arab nations have very rich history and culture, and as I have discovered, many things in common. This makes dialogue an important tool for cooperation, development and prosperity.

Haya OmariMSR Alumna 2018 - Legal Associate, Kamal & Associates

The Foundation is currently in the process of researching and developing ways to improve the impact assessment methods for our scholarships. This makes the role of the Alumni Network even more precious. Through the network, we are able to observe how effective our work is in providing scholars with opportunities during and after their education.

The mission of the Foundation is first and foremost to promote dialogue between the Arab world and Europe, especially in education. We are, therefore, always looking to expand our network of fellow scholars who can act as ambassadors of this mission, and who we can support in return. By joining our alumni network, you can remain connected to the vast web of bright minds and talent from the MENA region.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with the Foundation via our various platforms. Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages are especially useful; we share a variety of work, study and research-related opportunities along with handy tips on everything from living in the Netherlands to writing a good cover letter. You can also follow and join the events announced both on our website and our Instagram page. You can write to us with your questions or thoughts at

From the interactive map above, you can find out more about what our alumni have been up to! Interested in their backgrounds and stories? You can read more about our past scholars by scrolling below!

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