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On Friday 8 May, KIT’s Head of Knowledge Units Lindy van Vliet and Health Advisor Mahdi Abdelwahab virtually met with representatives of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and officially establish a longstanding cooperation and joint scholarship: KIT-LRF scholarship. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and current restrictions, the signing ceremony took place online where the Foundation was represented by Chairman Salim Rabbani, Board members Yonet Schroder and Jan Donner, and Programmes Associate Monica Lam.

Facilitating Euro-Arab dialogue and educational exchange

This joint scholarship aims at contributing towards intercultural exchange and cooperation, a primary objective of both the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and KIT. As promoting dialogue and understanding between cultures stand as these institutions’ core values, this effort will support students to engage in two-way exchanges. This opportunity will lead to the appreciation of each other’s cultures, which is necessary to building genuine understanding and dialogue.

The MOU marks the strengthening of cooperation in LRF and KIT’s shared aims in the domains of public health, Euro-Arab dialogue and sustainable cultural development. KIT looks forward to welcoming eligible students that meet both criteria from LRF and KIT.


About KIT:
A non-for-profit multidisciplinary knowledge institute, aiming to enhance the impact of agencies, governments and corporations on sustainable development in low- and medium income countries. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the global development agenda act as a general framework of action. The goals are pursued generating applied knowledge on the practical implementation of socio-economic change by advising, teaching, convening and publishing. The historical premises in Amsterdam serve as a global venue and international knowledge campus to promote intercultural cooperation. KIT facilitates a broad range of services and offers several training program on Global public health and Gender since 1963, addressing a wide range of topics such as sexual and reproductive health, disease management and epidemiology.


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