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We were absolutely thrilled to welcome the 2020 IDFA Arab Filmmakers for our annual IDFA Meet & Greet! The filmmakers that the Foundation was pleased to be supporting this year are: Hala El Kouch from Lebanon, Asmae El Moudir from Morocco, Ahmed Ad.A Abd from Iraq, Asmahan Bkerat from Jordan, and Fatma Riahi from Tunisia. Following a brief introduction from Salim Rabbani (Chairman Lutfia Rabbani Foundation) and Orwa Nyrabia (Artistic Director IDFA) highlighting the importance of the partnership between the Foundation and IDFA, during the Meet & Greet, the filmmakers shared with us their experiences as storytellers from the Arab region and showcased some of their current and future work projects. They also engaged in discussion about the film industry, its challenges and its way forward.

We are proud to have been part of their amazing journey at IDFA this year, we hope to see them again at IDFA in the coming years and wish them all success with their upcoming projects!

Curious about the filmmakers’ work? See their individual IDFA entries here:

Hala El Kouch

The Perfect Picture

Ahmed Abd

The Fifth Story

Asmae El Moudir

The Postcard

Asmahan Bkerat

Concrete Land

Fatma Riahi

Me, My Father and Bourguiba