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Dialogue Platform

Informal Dialogue Series

The informal dialogue series is an initiative by the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation to bring together students and professionals of different backgrounds, the informal dialogue series aims to foster dialogue on Euro-Arab relations while engaging an audience from different disciples, backgrounds, and sectors.

While a dialogue platform is necessary to foster mutual understanding, it is equally important to have a cross-sectoral  approach to dialogue that allows for the exchange of ideas and experiences across sectors and disciplines.

The informal dialogue session invites speakers from a variety of backgrounds either from the Foundation’s network or alumni as well as national and international decision makers, researchers, students, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs who are deeply involved in Euro-Arab exchange. The sessions also include a diverse audience group.

The sessions are held under the Chatham House Rule with the main goal being the openness of discussion and facilitating the sharing of information.

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For these artists, Sharijah is a fertile place to invite others and exhibit their work...the site of exile becomes a site of creativity.

Kianoosh Motallebi2019 Travel Scholar
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Independent information can save, change and improve lives. This is done by strengthening local media professionals and journalists to help people gain and keep access to the information they need to survive and develop.

Free Press Unlimited
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It creates room for comparison and for exploring what it means to be European and a Muslim convert while shedding light on more general issues pertaining to gender, identity, migration, and religiosity.

Esther Schoorel2015 Travel Scholar
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Since nature has no boundaries, environmental cooperation has the opportunity to go beyond political borders promoting cross-border dialogue to establish a level of trust between different communities and break down the ‘stereotype’ that often exists of the ‘other'.

Desiree Custers2018 Travel Scholar
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