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On April 21st the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation organized a fundraising reception at Central Park by Ron Blaauw Restaurant in Voorburg. The goal of the reception was to raise money for our MSR scholarships and at the same time bring involved parties (ambassadors, universities, students and supporters) together to create a stimulating and informative evening.

We were very lucky to welcome an inspiring group of guests, including several Arab ambassadors, delegates from Dutch universities, three of our current MSR scholars and the talented author Meltem Halaceli.

After the introductory speeches by Director Willemijn Hirzalla-Leenhouts and Chairman Salim Rabbani, one of our current MSR scholars Rawan Natsheh spoke about her experience in the Netherlands and the impact of the scholarship on her life.

Thereafter we proudly introduced emerging writing talent and author of ‘The forgotten history of my grandfather Sulayman Hadj Ali’, Meltem Halaceli. Her book about her family history, based on the memoires of her grandfather, has been very well received by the public and reviewers and will soon be reprinted to meet the growing demand. Meltem spoke about her book and the  journey that led her to writing it and she stressed the importance of education for both her and her grandfather. At the end of the evening the video that introduced the MSR scholarship candidates for 2016-2017 was revealed.

Our guests and speakers as well as the beautiful location, the sunny weather and the delicious food contributed to a wonderful evening. The reception was a great success and we are very grateful to all those who came and showed support for the mission of the Foundation and our scholarship program.