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During the months of August and September 2016, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation had contributed to the funding of an art workshop for artists from Palestine and the Netherlands, Germany, China and Mozambique within the framework of “Disarming Palestine” project in partnership with the municipality of Ramallah/Palestine . In 2 weeks of joint work, the artists endeavored to understand and re-create aspects of the Palestinian identity using work of crafts. The work of the artists evolved around dialogue and understanding of what makes contemporary identities through a process of reflection on the self and the other in a diverse environment. One of workshop’s outcomes is  producing 18 craft prototypes which were displayed to external public for feedback and evaluation, awaiting another phase of refinement before the crafts are displayed in Palestine’s biggest biennial – the Qalandia International III later this year. Furthermore, the 18 craft designs which were produced jointly by participant artists will be further carried and considered for a larger scale production.  The Lutfia Rabbani sees art as an important entry point to promote dialogue and bring in deeper understanding between all participants and build the capacity of small and medium enterprises, both of which are core goals in the Rabbani Foundation.

For more information on “Disarming Design from Palestine”, you can go to their website by clicking here