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The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation has co-funded the Corbeaux project at the International performing Arts Festival SPRING, a renowned festival based in Utrecht. The festival presents (inter)national performances by innovative theatre makers and choreographers. It showcases the latest developments and crossovers in contemporary and cutting edge performing arts. An evening at SPRING is an evening full of adventurous new performances, in the theatres of Utrecht and at unexpected exciting locations in the city of Utrecht. From 18 till 27 May 2017 SPRING will take place. For more information visit.

Corbeaux – Bouchra Ouizguen / Compagnie O
Corbeaux by the Moroccan Bouchra Ouizguen will be descending on the streets and squares of Utrecht like a murder of crows. Out of nowhere, a group of women forms a sculpture of sound and performs a choreography of sighs. Placing Utrecht-born women alongside Moroccan women, young alongside old, women with an immigrant background alongside women without one, Corbeaux is a pure burst of energy that will disappear as swiftly as it appears. An ecstatic and mesmerizing performance in which issues about origins and relations, identity and emancipation and the visibillity of (Muslim) women in society are explored.