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For the first time, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation is supporting 4 MSR scholars. To meet them, check out their stories and watch the film here.

‘’By being able to stay and study in the Netherlands with people from different backgrounds, I will learn about diverse approaches and establish new networks with other people and associations. ‘’

Rawan Natsheh.pdfRawan Yousef

Rawan is a 32 year old Palestinian professional who has spent the past 8 years working in non-profit organizations with the mission of supporting different segments of the Palestinian population. Rawan will be following the MA in Development Studies with a specialization in Governance, Policy, and Political Economy at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. She aims to focus her research on the impact that public aid has had on the shaping of the Palestinian culture and identity.


photo MuhamadMuhamad Al-Zawawy

Muhamad is a 28 year old Egyptian dentist. Since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, Muhamad has become a social activist focusing on the healthcare and emergency response fields.  With volunteer work as an emergency response officer at the Tahrir Society Doctors association, he is today a health activist and public health officer at the Association for Health and Environmental Development (AHED) in Cairo. Muhamad will follow the MA in Public Health at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. His dream is to offer a higher quality and availability of healthcare and national health emergency response in Egypt.


photo MahmoudMahmoud Al Abbassi

Mahmoud is a 21 year old Palestinian Mechanical engineer living in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Mahmoud is a very ambitious person with the big dream of wanting to discover solutions to the earth’s emerging environmental problems. Mahmoud is also a person who deeply believes in the importance of “giving back” and regularly coaches young people in his community. He will be following the MA in Systems & Control at TU Eindhoven, where he hopes to get ‘the framework to use his full potential’.


141b6d5Afef Abrougui

Afef is a 25 year old Tunisian young digital journalist. With a BA in English language, literature and culture, she is a freelance consultant, researcher and journalist focusing on technology and human rights, censorship, surveillance, and personal data protection in the Arab World. Afef regularly writes for Global Voices Online, a citizen media platform. Afef will be carrying out her MA at the University of Amsterdam in the New Media and Digital Culture program. Her dream is to become a professional digital journalist covering the fields of human rights and minorities, and to disseminate through her writing the inspiring positive stories that exists in the arts, science, and technology in Tunisia and other Arab countries.