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In 2014 the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation is supporting an exceptional Arab scholar to attend an international MBA at the renowned Nyenrode Business University. This is her profile…

“There is a lesson in almost everything that we do and getting the lesson is how we move forward. It is how we enrich our spirit.”

My name is Walaa Mahmoud Elrouby; Egyptian Chemical Engineer graduated in 2006 from Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University with overall grade of very good with the grade of honor. Alexandria is my home town where I was born & raised; it is a beautiful governorate by the Mediterranean Sea and the second capital of Egypt. My Alexandria is the oldest of all the current Alexandrias in the world; named after Alexander III the Macedon known as Alexander the Great.

Starting my career as a Quality Engineer in a multinational FMCG organization, where my eyes started seeing the world with a different eye. I was responsible of implementing the ISO 9001:2004 and coordinating the implementation of ISO 18001:2008. I started noticing and celebrating culture differences. My passion towards PEOPLE and managing their talent to enhance performance has emerged inside me. That is when I decided to shift to the HR field hoping to excel and enhance people’s skills and organization’s current & future performance.

I saw the importance of the bond and the engagement between the Management & people of the organization and wanted to be a part of this evolution. By preparing an HR Diploma at the American University in Cairo I enhanced my know how and theoretical background which I see very important to complete the puzzle. HR for me became LIFE with its challenges and achievements and digging deeper into this field gave me joy and self-actualization. I decided to grow and take all the risks to brighten my skills and enlighten my future.

By shifting to another multinational pharmaceutical organization which was located in Cairo (Egypt’s capital & another governorate than the one I live in), I packed and started my new challenge. My direct manager is my role model; she is the perfect lady and the perfect business woman ever. She taught me a lot and helped me absorb a lot of technicalities. I owe her a lot and will always do. I changed! Yes, I did…I grew up, I became mature and I loved my job even more.

Looking to my personal side; I totally believe in Work Life Balance. We should indulge our soul and body to be able to produce more and more. Music, Dancing, Exercising and being around people who truly care about each other are the things I do in my quality time. Giving with all its types and methodologies makes me feel alive. All of them feed my soul and increase my inner peace. They make my body stronger and my mind works better. My love for life, happiness and success grew up inside me with the years. Achievements are my treats.

By taking this very important step in my life, I hope I can make the best use of it, learn and educate myself to benefit my colleagues and the entire world. My dream is to grow and grow with steady foot-steps in my field and be one of the wave lengths of the light beam that enlighten humanity!

My photo was taken in one of the greatest mosques in Cairo which is Qalawun Mosque. It is an early 14th-century mosque at the Citadel in Cairo, Egypt. It was built by the Mamluk sultan Al-Nasr Muhammad in 1318 as the royal mosque of the Citadel.

I am excited to start my IMBA and meet my colleagues where we will sure share and celebrate our experiences TOGETHER.