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Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship

The Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship is named in honour of the founder of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation. It is intended for Arab students who have been officially accepted into a Master’s or Ph.D programme in the Netherlands or for Dutch students who have been accepted into a Master’s or Ph.D programme in the Arab World.

The goal of this scholarship, besides fostering interaction between Arab and European students, is to provide the means for students seeking to broaden their own horizons. In keeping with the foundation’s mission, all areas of study are eligible for the grant, and primary requirements are that applicants must have a firm grasp of English, or the language their program will be in. The scholarship is designed for dynamic students with an interest in fostering the formation of ties between these two regions.

Moreover, the MSR scholarship is strengthened by a mentoring programme that offers the scholarship recipient guidance on a personal and professional level and also provides access to the Foundation’s extensive and diverse network and platforms.

Only applicants with an official acceptance letter will be considered for this scholarship.

Applications are currently closed!

Get inspired by some of the scholars

“I am motivated by the belief that Arabs and Europeans still have much to learn from each other, and that once they have come to a genuine understanding they will find that there is room in their mutual relationship for a much stronger and broader cooperation.”

– Mahmoud S. Rabbani, 1994

Application RequirementsApplications now closed

‘With the help and support of the lutfia Rabbani foundation I will be able to  start my masters in contemporary literature and art … I found myself aligning with their mission to promote Euro-Arab dialogue.’

– Charelle Abdallah, MSR scholar 2023