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H.E. Minister Bert Koenders

“Now more than ever dialogue between Europe and the Arab world is important.”
“Interventions in the Middle East fail spectacularly without a cultural strategy.”


H.E. Lakhdar Brahimi

“The idea in Libya, Iraq, Syria diplomacy that if you’re part of the problem you cannot be part of solutions is wrong. If you are part of the problem, you have to be part of the solution.”
“Politics require dialogue and dialogue never excludes anyone.”


Dr. Fawaz Gerges

“We should not forget the cries of Arab youths for freedom, dignity and justice, and for having a decent life”
“Europe needs to invest in the youth of the Arab World”


Dr. Bichara Khader

“To understand complexity of the Arab world we need to understand overlap of economics, politics and sociology.”


Sheik Sultan Al Qassemi

“Twitter serves as a voice for disenfranchised in the Arab world.”
“We are just in the first 5 minutes of the Arab Spring.”
“We see a bright future thanks to mobile phones.”