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We are happy to welcome Ayşe Mısırlıoğlu anLaura Morales Nuez to the Lutfia Rabbani team as our new interns! 

Ayşe is a 3rd year student of International Relations and Organisations at Leiden University. Her studies helped her cultivate her interest in the political and social dialogue between Europe and the MENA region.  She grew up in Turkey in a multicultural environment with both European and Arabic influences, which helps her identify with the Foundation´s mission. She joined the Foundation as Scholarships Intern in January 2021. 

Laura is a 3rd year International Relations and Organisations student at Leiden University. Her interest in the MENA region stems from her background, as she grew up in the Canary Islands, where there is a close connection to neighbouring Morocco, and from her studies, where she attended lectures on the MENA region. She joined the Foundation as Communications intern in January 2021.