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Virtual Dinner Guest Project

The Virtual Dinner Guest Project is an international multimedia initiative born from a simple premise: It is harder to vilify or harm those that we have broken bread with.

The unique methodology utilizes widely available videoconferencing technology to connect Universities, NGO’s, and Media Centers for a series of shared meals, moderated conversations, and collaborative film projects. The Virtual Dinner tables span borders, cultural differences, and political divisions, placing a special emphasis on Conflict Transformation through creative collaboration. Every project results in two films, that represent each side’s attempt to answer a question that has been posed to them by their partners on the other side of the Virtual Dinner table. So far the project has connected 16 countries across 5 continents, with recent projects connecting Palestinian youth in Gaza to the Native American Community in the US,  and India to Pakistan.

The two most collaborations, that were supported by the Lufia Rabbani foundation, connected university students in the Netherlands to youth in Cairo and Beirut. The participating partners are CI-LAS, Cairo and ISS, The Hague, ULYP, Beirut and LUC, The Hague.