Selection process

This grant selection aims to ensure that scholars are selected in a transparent and fair manner, according to clear criteria and a rigorous selection process where due consideration is given to all applications that meet our eligibility requirements.

Phase 1: Intake

Applications are screened in order to verify whether they fall within the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation’s criteria for consideration.

Phase 2: Short listing by the selection committee

All applications are read and discussed by the selection committee of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation. At the end of this phase a short list is agreed upon.

Phase 3: Interviews

Candidates that are short-listed are asked to go through an interview with the Director of the Foundation and one member of the selection committee.

At the end of this phase a decision is made on the candidates that will be awarded the MSR scholarships.

Phase 4: Board approval and notification

The selected candidates are submitted to the Board of the Foundation for the final approval. Once the approval is granted, the candidates are notified by the Foundation.

Phase 5: Reporting, Evaluation and Communications

At the end of the study period of the MSR scholarship, the candidate should submit a report to the Foundation. This report will be used for evaluation and communication purposes.

Timeline for Academic year 2018-2019

Application date: January 1 2018 – February 15 2018