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Application requirements

Eligible Candidates

Candidates who are Arab students should be inhabitants of a country in the Arab world and (this includes all nationals from North African and Middle Eastern member countries of the Arab League). Candidates who are Dutch students should have a Dutch nationality.

  • The scholarship is open to Arab students who have been accepted into a Masters or a Ph.D programme in the Netherlands and to Dutch students who have been accepted into a Masters or a Ph.D programme in the Arab World.
  • The candidate should have a good knowledge of English and/or of the language of study if that is not English is necessary.

Eligible Expenses

  • Tuition and living expenses


  • No support will be provided retroactively, i.e. to expenses linked to a Masters or Ph.D programme that have already been implemented.
  • The Foundation’s scholarship is only valid for the proposed programme of study at the academic institution specified in the application and only for the academic year for which the application is made.
  • An MSR scholarship covers only one academic year.

How to Apply?

  • Fill in the signed application form
    • You can directly fill in the application form on our website and upload the necessary documents (if you do so please keep in mind that you need to have all the documents ready as sessions cannot be saved).
  • Necessary documents are:
    • Motivation and purpose statement (in English);
    • Curriculum Vitae (in English);
    • Copy of passport plus an additional current passport photo in colour;
    • Copies of degrees or diplomas (with English translation) including the results obtained by the student in each individual examination at their higher education institution;
    • Appropriately signed references from two academic referees;
    • Letter of invitation from Host Institution;
    • A detailed official course description from the University which the student intends to pursue clearly indicating his/her choice of institution is required (in English). Please note that the student would need to contact the institution of his/her choice prior to applying for the scholarship to ensure that the course he/she requires is on offer;
    • Budget: please be thorough in completing you budget as this information will be given high priority in the selection of scholarship recipient; total income available to the scholar should be carefully estimated (including whether the scholar has applied to other scholarship funds) as well as necessary expenses to be incurred during the academic year covered by the application; the budget should indicate how the remainder of the costs will be funded, including the costs for the second year of study if the study is a two year programme; the maximum amount that may be awarded is € 15,000 for an academic year.

Terms and Conditions

  • Once the scholarship is granted and accepted, the signed terms and conditions form acts as a legal contract between the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and the MSR scholar.
  • Within two months time of completion of study, the student must submit a report of his/her experience to the Board of the Foundation. The Board of the Foundation reserves the right to edit the report for communication purposes.
  • Within a year of completion of study, the student will complete a questionnaire provided by the Foundation to evaluate the impact of the scholarship.

Maximum amount

The maximum amount of an MSR scholarship is €15,000

Criteria for the evaluation

  • Academic excellence
  • Personal growth: Assessing the contribution the proposed field of study would have on the applicant’s continued academic and professional development and/or its potential for impact in the local context.
  • Strong motivation in line with the ideals of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation’s goal of promoting Euro-Arab dialogue and understanding
  • Financial need