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Working in the Netherlands

Non-EU students in the Netherlands are required to have a work permit before they can start a job. This permit can take up to a month or 5 weeks to obtain, therefore, students need to make sure they have enough time before the starting date of their work. As a non-EU student, even when you have a work permit, you are only allowed to work a maximum of 16 hours per week.  

 You cannot apply for a work permit yourself, your employer needs to arrange this. Make sure to let your employer know about that when you are accepting a job offer while still a student. In addition, any non-EU student working in the Netherlands needs to take out Dutch basic health insurance. Private international insurers such as AON are not considered eligible for getting a work permit or for receiving insurance benefit.  

Some Dutch basic health care providers are:  

  • Zilveren Kruis 
  • Zorg & Zekerheid 
  • FBTO 
  • Ditzo 

You can use websites such as Independer or Zorgwijzer to compare prices and coverage of different insurance schemes provided by these companies.  

For more information on working while studying, you can visit the website of Study In Holland. 

Another helpful website/ Newsletter is ‘the Justice Journal’ which shows openings of Jobs, internships and opportunities around The Netherlands and internationally, you can visit the website here.