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Emergencies and Doctor’s Appointments

The emergency telephone number in the Netherlands (ambulance, police, fire service) is 112. If you need to contact the police but it is not an emergency, you can call 0900 – 8844. 

In order to make a doctor´s appointment, you must register first at a GP (General Practice). You can find a doctor close to you here. In The Hague, we recommend  

  • Finding a doctor: Kies uw Huisarts 
  • Making a dentist´s appointment: Tandarts (in Dutch, but can translate the page with a Google Chrome Translate extension).  
  • Finding a pharmacy: Apotheek 
  • Mental health and addiction: Trimbos & Mind Korrelatie  
  • For sexual intimidation or assault: Sexual Assault Center 
  • Student GP in The Hague: De Doc Huisarten. 
  • Check the GGD website of your town, as the GGD´s role is to monitor, protect and improve the health of all citizens in the Netherlands, both during everyday life and crisis situations. 

If you need to visit a hospital, there are two ways this can happen. (1) If you visit for an emergency or are taken to a hospital with an ambulance, (2) If you go to your GP with a complaint and they write a referral for you to visit a specialist. Depending on the type and coverage of your insurance, you may or may not be reimbursed for your hospital visit. Please bear in mind that for most insurance types, you will have to pay your hospital bills on the spot and will be reimbursed later on, after submitting a claim. Some insurance types allow for your bill to be directly paid by them, so make sure before visiting a hospital that you know whether you will have to pay yourself.