“Corbeaux was not created as a traditional show, but more as an experiment to branch out of the constraints imposed by  the demands of the theater and stage. What I wanted was to take over the Streets of Marrakech and fill them with a horde of crows, ageless and disparate. Like an immediate act, a sound sculpture, raw and urgent, resounding infinitely.” – Bouchra Ouizguen

The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation co-funded the Corbeaux project at the 2017 International performing Arts Festival SPRING, a renowned festival based in Utrecht. The festival presents (inter)national performances by innovative theatre makers and choreographers. It showcases the latest developments and crossovers in contemporary and cutting edge performing arts. An evening at SPRING is an evening full of adventurous new performances, in the theatres of Utrecht and at unexpected exciting locations in the city of Utrecht. 

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