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Policy Plan Lutfia Rabbani Foundation (“LRF”)

LRF mission:

To foster mutual understanding between Europe and the Arab World through cultural and education exchange.

LRF governance:

The foundation is governed by the board. The management of LRF is delegated to the LRF office, which is located in The Hague, The Netherlands.
The board meets at least four times a year to assess progress of ongoing activities, to review and to decide on new proposals for activity and to initiate new activities.

LRF Board member remuneration: Members of the LRF Board shall not receive any type of remuneration or other financial gain (excluding travel expenditures).

LRF activities:

Activities initiated, organised, promoted, sponsored and/or supported by LRF:

i. Scholarships: at the individual level LRF promotes Euro-Arab dialogue through scholarships, which facilitate study by Arab students and teachers in The Netherlands or by Dutch students and staff in the Arab world;

ii. Euro-Arab dialogue: any activity or set of activities, which may stimulate this dialogue and mutual understanding. E.g. conferences, seminars, lectures, roundtables, etc. Specifically LRF aims to organise so called “MSR Lectures” at regular intervals in The Netherlands;

iii. Education: with a focus on vocational and higher education LRF stimulates and promotes institutional cooperation between European and Arab universities and schools. The objective of these endeavours is to enhance mutual understanding, to stimulate cooperation and capacity building;

iv. Culture: LRF will support events which bring Arab culture in its rich diversity to the fore in The Netherlands as part of the Euro-Arab dialogue;

v. Research: scientific research which deepens the understanding of Euro-Arab relations falls within the domain of LRF;

vi. Publications: LRF may sponsor or support objective scientific and popular publications to enhance the Euro-Arab dialogue;

vii. Other: any other activity, which serves the stated mission of LRF may be supported by the Foundation.

Structuring projects, activities and funding:

i. LRF will, when deemed necessary seek co-funding for its own activities. LRF will therefore aim to structure activities initiated by LRF to accommodate other organisations and sponsors to join in its efforts;

ii. LRF can participate in the funding, organisation, promotion or support of activities initiated by other organisations but which fall within its own mission;

iii. LRF may embark on partnerships and/or long-term collaboration with other organisations. LRF can take the initiative to structure such long-term collaboration and take the initiative to structure projects to be funded within the framework of such cooperation;

iv. LRF will actively solicit new proposals.