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Palestinian student study week – Edward Said memorial conferences

The Foundation collaborated with the Centre for the Humanities (Utrecht University) to offer a Palestinian Student Study Week in April 2013. The Study Week brought Palestinian and Dutch students together following their selection after an open call to participate in a seven day programme linked to the Edward Said Memorial Conference. In preparation to the conference, students were asked to prepare practical assignments to encourage the students to evaluate their own responsibilities as world citizens and as potential agents of transformation. Assignments were presented on the final day of the conference and varied in form from visual documentation to readings and performances.
Discussion is underway to make the Palestinian Student Study week an event held once every two years in cooperation with the Centre for the Humanities.


“We see that people even without formal education can create knowledge – can create their own magic – in very powerful ways. Through their hobbies, they can transfer it to the outer world and be part of greater change. I learned through my work that every person already has a voice, they just need someone to listen.”

–Kholoud Al-Ajarma

“This experience in Utrecht made me realize that I greatly appreciate the diversity of life. It is a miracle that today’s modern world gives us the possibilities to speak with people that are so far away from us. Although we all come from a different background, different religion and different culture: I felt that we were connected from day one. I learned in amazement about their daily rituals and they were astounded by the way we live in The Netherlands.”

– Jeffrey van Gelder