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Nour Project

The Nour Project is an initiative by AIESEC the Netherlands that aims to create mutual cultural understanding between the Western and Arab world by challenging prejudices and bridging the gap between the Western and Arab cultures. It achieves this by sending each year around 30 university students to a country in the MENA region for a professional summer internship. All the Nour project students go through a programme that is called the “Arab Experience” which offers them a general learning programme on the Arab world, followed by the summer internship and concluded by presentations of their experience in the Arab world that they give to students who haven’t had the same exposure.  Since its creation, Nour project has offered the “Arab experience” to over 7.000 students.

“Interning and especially living in Lebanon was a mind-enriching experience. Being surrounded and submerged in a culture that I have read so much about, truly changed and enriched my perspectives on the Middle East, with both its amazing traditions and troublesome past and present. I was able to talk to interesting people with many interesting views and outlooks that I would not have encountered without living there.”
– Daniel Boreel

“Although we were not even able to speak the same language there was a feeling of togetherness with the people there.”
– Esther Schoorel