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Modern and Contemporary Arab Art from the Levant

We are proud to support the upcoming exhibition and book “Modern and Contemporary Arab Art from the Levant”, the Majida Mouasher Collection, in Pulchri Studio, The Hague, from 22 January 2017 till 22 February 2017.

What makes this collection so unique is its astonishing diversity, despite the fact that the Levant is so heavily represented. The artists all have deep cultural roots in whatever the source of their inspiration might be, whether that is China, Russia, the West, or their own country of origin. Though many of them are now living in the diaspora, they all have in common an honest reaction to their environment, their cultural and social or historical backgrounds, their ethnic origins or political upheavals. The wars and instabilities in the Middle East have forced people to move across continents and to the shorelines of Europe, bringing with them new and different cultural ways. Now that the Middle East is so much in the spotlight, an urgency exists to show its contemporary art to the Western public. Art is able to bypass conflicts, to enhance and promote understanding between cultures.

48- Dahdaleh, Ghada, 2005, acrylic on paper, 27.5x27.5cms (9)

“Acrylic on Paper” by Ghada Dahdaleh


54- Fattah, Ismail, Face, 2003, 66.5x54cms

“Face” by Ismail Fattah


3- Abboud, Chafik, Room 16, 1987 35x36cms

“Room” by Chafik Abboud