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Amin Amin

When Amin Amin realized that the biggest challenge in the Arab region is human capacity building, he decided to focus on bridging the missing link between education and employment. His company, ASK (Attitude, Skills and Knowledge) for Human Capacity Building, has elevated professional standards by providing innovative capacity building programs and consulting services with a special focus on education. With the support of a USAID-funded Education Reform Support Program (ERSP), the company is responsible for implementing the Jordan Schools Program (JSP) and operations are expanding throughout the MENA region. Amin has a vision of becoming the number ONE builder of Arab Human Capacity. In under four years, Amin has established ASK in Jordan, the UAE, and Qatar. ASK has successfully tailored over 3,200 workshops with special focus on education and teacher training, worked with 1,200 schools, impacted over 472,000 students and trained over 14,100 school community members, including teachers, school principals and Ministry of Education officials.

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