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Ahmed Alfi

Ahmed is a veteran investor and VC from California with over 25 years of experience in top executive and management positions. Ahmed’s investment track record over the last 17 years includes the execution of numerous successful transactions in technology, Internet, healthcare and financial services at various stages of development. He has executed many rewarding exits including several IPO’s on NASDAQ. He relocated to Egypt in 2006 as the CEO of EFG-Hermes Private Equity. He subsequently founded Sawari Ventures, to which he brings a wealth of experience, superb industry insight and an invaluable international network. With this Cairo based venture capital firm, Ahmed is aiming to help transform the Egyptian and MENA region economics through the creation of sustainable, high impact businesses.

In 2011, Sawari Ventures created and funded Flat 6Labs, its own startup accelerator. Mr. Alfi is also the founder and chairman of Nafham Education, an online educational platform linked to the mandated public curriculum, providing free crowdsourced 5-20 minutes video lessons revised by professionals. He has also previously served as CEO of EFG private Equity and prior to that co-founded Hybrid Capital Partners, a private investment partnership. Sawari and Flat6Labs have funded and helped launch 45 companies in the past 3 years. Prior to that he also served as CEO at Alfigen, a genetic diagnostic company. He has extensive experience in creating and nurturing early stage companies, as well as structuring international M&A transactions and was Senior VP of Jefferies & Company, where he worked for 10 years . He is currently a member of the Board of directors of Waqf Endowment, and several for profit and non-profit boards.

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