First Episode

Rabbani Talks: Inspiring Stories

In Dialogue about Music and Film

Academy Award nominated Palestinian filmmaker and director Hany Abu Assad, and award-winning Palestinian singer, composer and flute player Nai Barghouti discuss culture and  identity through music and film.

Episode 2

Rabbani Talks: Inspiring Stories

Through the Lens: The Art of Exploring Arab Landscape – In Collaboration with the Eye Filmmuseum

We are excited to welcome contemporary art expert and curator of the Trembling Landscapes exhibition at the Eye Filmmuseum Nat Muller and award winning photographer and filmmaker Kholoud Al Ajarma. Together they will explore the Arab landscape and the bridges it builds between aesthetics and across borders and cultures.

Episode 3

Rabbani Talks: Inspiring Stories

The Fifth Story: A Conversation with Director Ahmed Abd – In Collaboration with IDFA

We are delighted to present an online conversation on the award-winning documentary The Fifth Story, accompanied by Iraqi Director Ahmed Abd, Executive Producer Louai Haffar and IDFA Artistic Director Orwa Nyrabia. The film portrays how different generations still carry the burden of war with them and together they explore the filmmaking process and the context surrounding it.

Episode 4

Rabbani Talks: Inspiring Stories

Wild Relatives: A Discussion with Director Jumana Manna – In Collaboration with IDFA

Following the path of this transaction of seeds between the Arctic and Lebanon, Wild Relatives captures the articulation between this large-scale international initiative and its local implementation in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, carried out primarily by young migrant women. The meditative pace patiently teases tensions between state and individual, industrial and organic approaches to seed saving, climate change and biodiversity, witnessed through the journey of these seeds.

In May 2022, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation, in partnership with the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), hosted the fourth ‘Rabbani Talks’ episode about ‘Wild Relatives’, a film by award-winning Palestinian filmmaker and visual artist, Jumana Manna. The online discussion was joined by the Artistic Director of IDFA, Orwa Nyrabia, and was moderated by Mouin Rabbani.