Dialogue Platform

Throughout his career, the Foundation’s founder Mahmoud Rabbani sought to promote the values of dialogue, cooperation, and exchange, between Europe (especially the Netherlands) and the Arab world, as a constructive alternative to conflict, hostility, and dispossession. To this effect, the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation has made it its core mission to develop a dialogue platform between Europe and the Arab World. Through various events, conferences and workshops the Foundation seeks to create a platform for mutual understanding, discussion and networking between both parts of the world.

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Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum

The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation organised its latest event titled ‘Entrepreneurship: A Euro-Arab solution?‘ on December 4, 2015 at the Spaansche Hof in the Hague. During this event, the Foundation brought together Arab and European entrepreneurs and experts from the private, public and education sectors to share their conclusions and recommendations following a two-day workshop.

Check out the programme and photo gallery of the 2015 public event and watch the video of the event ‘Entrepreneurship: A Euro-Arab Solution?’. You can also click here to read our report  to find out more about the Workshop and the issues that were raised then.