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Physical Theater Performance Plastic

Plastic is image002a physical theater performance by the upcoming Tunisian director and choreographer Meher Debbich Awachri. It is a coproduction of Dancing on the Edge (Netherlands), Sutton Theatres (UK) and Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato (Italy). The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation is one of the funders of the creation of this performance.

Plastic is a physical theater, and deals with a new generation of young men in the Middle East and North Africa, stuck between expectations and reality. Together with 4 other artists, Meher Debbich Awachri worked on their performance in Amsterdam and Utrecht Last year we got a sneak preview of Plastic at the Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum The Arab Future and the Role of Europe.


“A foreign capitalist with a head of plastic bottles; young Arab people, who do not speak real Arabic; a ruined place invaded by plastic on an Arab land not really identifiable; everything starts directly from the satirical image of a boss and his well exploited workers… They sympathize with each other, they fight and launch a war… but actually all they do is swimming in tons of plastic. They are all strong men ready to sacrifice their bodies and their souls; like real soldiers they defend their principles, their dreams, their plastic bottles!”