The Foundation

The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation which seeks to promote Euro – Arab dialogue through education, dialogue and cultural exchange.
Facilitating Euro-Arab Dialogue & educational exchange

Our Mission

Our founding father Mahmoud Rabbani was a Palestinian refugee who was offered a scholarship to study in the Netherlands. Eventually, he felt at home in both parts of the world and was motivated by the belief that Arabs and Europeans still have much to learn from each other. Once they have come to a genuine understanding they will find that there is room in their mutual relationship for a much broader and stronger cooperation. This conviction drove Rabbani to establishing the Foundation. We at the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation, are deeply committed to doing all we can, just as Mahmoud Rabbani did, to help building sustainable, inclusive societies in Europe and the Arab World by facilitating Euro-Arab dialogue and educational exchange.

The Foundation implements this mission through three channels:

  • Scholarships: designed to enhance the post-graduate educational experience and promote intercultural cooperation by offering students from Europe and the Arab world the means to study or research in each other’s respective countries.
  • Dialogue platform: The Foundation seeks to create a dynamic platform for mutual understanding, discussion and networking between Europe and the Arab region. The Foundation organises several events to stimulate understanding and discussion.
  • Partnerships: through its cultural and educational projects the foundation aims to enhance mutual exchange, understanding and collaborations between Europe and the Arab world.
Common solutions & common opportunities

Our True Passion

At the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation we are convinced that dialogue is essential for people to be able to unlock their collective wisdom, passion and creativity. Politically, economically, and socially, the fate of people across Europe and the Arab region is intertwined. Both regions are facing challenges and opportunities as a result of the same root causes. It is our sincere belief that through facilitated dialogue, people can make full use of the potential of their diversity and will be able to find common ground: common solutions and common opportunities.