Nurturing cultural dialogue and helping develop indigenous design skills in Morocco

“ This project enriches me personally as a western artist because I am able to submerse myself (again) into a culture I am not that familiar with. Via Lutfia Rabbani Foundation scholarship I was able to go to Morocco for the first time. Certainly facing the current development’s in the geopolitical spectrum without elaborating, I find it very important as a Western filmmaker to engage into the so called border areas of cultures.”

Artist and documentary filmmaker, Jan de Bruin, received a Lutfia Rabbani Travel Scholarship to travel to Marrakech. In Marrakech he participated in a Typographic Matchmaking project, which goal was to nurture cultural dialogue and help develop indigenous design skills. A group of European (Dutch, Spanish, French) and Arab (Lebanese, Moroccan, Tunisian) designers researched and develop triscript font families that combine Arabic, Tifinagh and Latin scripts harmoniously. Both the Maghribi and the Tifinagh scripts have not been fully explored in contemporary digital fonts, though they harbor a wealth of aesthetic variety and expressive potential.