Experience International Law at its finest

Vreede scholar, 2012

I believe that this is an excellent opportunity to elaborate and express how the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation has massively helped me enrich my skills, personality and knowledge in my specialization.

My experience of being a student at the Private International Law Summer Course at the Hague Academy of International Law, being sponsored by the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation, is a crucial transitional step in my life personally as well as professionally.

As a PhD candidate whose topic is about Investment Law and Human Rights as well as being an Assistant Lecturer in Law in the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport, my participation in this course has been a significant accomplishment.

The Hague Academy for International Law is, on the international level, the most important institution which provides intensive and comprehensive courses about International Law. It is a dream to all law students, especially researchers and lecturers, to have the opportunity to be delivered sessions by such fascinating imminent professors hailing from all over the world for the sole purpose of addressing the Hague Academy students on the most contemporary issues in the field.

Moreover, being the Secretary General of the Arab Society for Commercial and Maritime Law (ASCML) (a non-profitable association provides legal services for the Law community in Egypt-Alexandria), one of our main objectives is to organize legal skills courses for young lawyers and fresh law graduates, give advisory opinions to Arab Countries, as well as conducting international conferences discussing the contemporary issues in Law.

The knowledge I acquired through my participation in the course supported our activities, on a national level, and enriched the quality of our civil work which is becoming more influential in the governmental sphere for the achievement of the government ultimate goal towards proper understanding of International law practices, and sustainable development, specially that our ambitions are very high now after the Egyptian revolution the thing which is reflected in our forthcoming events and projects set out in our agenda.

Furthermore, the diversity of jurisdictions from which professors and participants came from, there were students from all over the world; Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as the inter-cultural showed me a bird’s eye view of the globe.

For me, the real rewarding opportunity was the integration of the experts to perfectly constitute a combination of theoretical and practical experience.

This opportunity is, no doubt, considered as one of the most important steps towards escalating my knowledge and career advancement. It will further be of immense benefit for PhD research degree. The most significant contribution that I will be making will be the developing of the International Law in my Country, in an effort to bring about the much desired harmonization and best practices in this field among the international community. In fact, most of, if not all, the International Law areas covered in the 2012 session this year have a fundamental value to add to my knowledge in order to have a strong basis upon which I can build my PhD research.

For all the aforesaid reasons, I hereby state my appreciation and gratitude to the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation without which I would not have had this turning opportunity in my life.

Alia Al-gazzar
Assistant Lecturer in Commercial, Maritime and Investment Law