“By success I mean ensuring that all parties are treated equitably, and that none are left with the feeling that peace has been achieved at their expense. For such a peace is, in the end, no peace at all and only the spark for a further conflict.”

– Mahmoud S. Rabbani, November 17, 1993

The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation which seeks to promote Euro – Arab dialogue through education, dialogue and cultural exchange.

The Foundation implements this mission through three channels:

  • Scholarships: designed to enhance the post-graduate educational experience and promote intercultural cooperation by offering students from Europe and the Arab world the means to study or research in each other’s respective countries.
  • Dialogue platform: The Foundation seeks to create a dynamic platform for mutual understanding, discussion and networking between Europe and the Arab region. The Foundation organises several events to stimulate understanding and discussion.
  • Partnerships: through its cultural and educational projects the foundation aims to enhance mutual exchange, understanding and collaborations between Europe and the Arab world.